BCASH Dice Roulette Game

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  • Choose how much to bet
  • Red / black, Odd / Even, Low / High
  • Dozen, Column, Street
  • Split, Six line, Corner
  • Top line
  • Straight
  • Turn sound on / off
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Provably fair

Our casino uses provably fair technology, which allows you to verify that each roll or card draw is completely random and you are not being cheated!

Recent games

  • Roulette


    Played by Mr. Boris Roob I 1 hour ago

    Bet 1,294.00 Win 1,614.00
  • Roulette


    Played by Odessa Thompson 1 hour ago

    Bet 2,226.00 Win 0.00
  • Roulette

    Split 6-9, Six line 7-12

    Played by Ariane VonRueden 1 hour ago

    Bet 4,552.00 Win 12,192.00
  • Roulette

    Straight 26, Column 2

    Played by Pete Simonis 2 hours ago

    Bet 4,389.00 Win 19,821.00
  • Roulette

    Low, Corner 10,11,13,14

    Played by Mr. Boris Roob I 2 hours ago

    Bet 6,594.00 Win 7,138.00